A new face at the Customer Service department

Annemiek Klein

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to A.O. Smith. Our most recent studies show that current experiences are good on average. Our new Supervisor Customer Service, Annemiek Klein, is committed to further increasing customer satisfaction.

Annemiek: “Guts, innovation and agility are what it takes to distinguish opportunities from pitfalls at an early stage and to convert ideas into daily practice. I will fully focus on improving customer satisfaction at A.O. Smith.”

Customer Service is of pivotal importance to our customers and A.O. Smith. The department handles the processing and execution of orders, the after-sales service, the processing of returns and complaints, and they provide information about the application of products and capacity calculations.

Annemiek will review all processes from sales order to invoice. Where possible, these will be adjusted to achieve the best possible service

A great challenge with a strong team of 5 loyal employees who have many years of experience in the field of Customer Service. This team reflects the international character of A.O. Smith. Together they speak 7 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic.

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