How to reset “service required” for a BFC hot water heater?

We, TSG always advise; first do service and after service a full reset for the warning “service required”.

To finalise the maintenance, perform the following steps:
1. Fill the water heater
2. Start the water heater
3. Check the CO2 value
4. Check the switching pressure of the pressure switch

Remove the SERVICE REQUIRED message. The message appears on the display
can be reset in two ways:

Temporary reset: Pressing RESET once clears the message
The message reappears on the display after 7 days.

Full reset: By RESET and ENTER simultaneously for 5 seconds
stopped, the fusion is completely reset.

When the full reset of the message is completed, the message “reset service interval successful” will appear on the screen. When temporarily resetting the message, this message will NOT appear on the screen.