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The new Woodchurch High School in Wirral is a school with over 1300 pupils. The school houses a farm and library. The building has specialist rooms which have been refurbished to ensure a high standard of facilities. The school is surrounded by extensive playing fields with a new built Sports Centre.

These high standard requirements also include eco-friendly measures. This meets the choice for an A.O. Smith indirect solar solution.

NG Bailey from Salford installed this set, which consist of an IT indirect water heater and 3 solar collectors. These solar collectors are installed on the outside wall of the roof. This wall hung construction sets are named SPWL and are mounted with use of a frame.

There are several options for selecting sets. The number of sets can vary; the maximum per set is 15. There are three options for the angle of the frame: 45˚, 60˚ or 70˚. All the sets can be equipped with a drain back system (DB). Finally there is the option of placing the collectors horizontally or vertically. In the case of Woodchurch High the 3 collectors are placed horizontally.

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Woodchurch High collectors roof Woodchurch High school building

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