New: BMS interface

A.O. Smith launches the BMS interface for the BFC, SGE and SGS appliances.

Until now all industrial A.O. Smith appliances are equipped with a voltage free contact for general fault indication to the BMS. The number of requests for more elaborate information from the appliances to the BMS is increasing. Therefore A.O. Smith decided to develop a BMS interface.

The BMS interface can transfer several data from the appliance into your Building Management System software. This way you can monitor the performance of your hot water system.

Within the system you can select from over 50 parameters to gain information from your installation. Examples are; the temperature of the water in the appliance, burning hours, commissioning hours, etc. In case of a SGE or SGS solar system you can also see the temperature in the collector(s).

The BMS interface translates the information from the installation to a ModBus protocol, one of the most common Building Management System protocols.

The BMS interface will be a blessing for the installer. In stead of using the voltage free contact, which only does fault indication, the BMS interface provides the most important information. And connecting it is very easy.

Do you already have a SGE, SGS or BFC and do you want to know if this BMS interface could work for you? Please contact A.O. Smith for the possibilities. Read more on the BMS interface.

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