New ErP directive effective on 26 September 2018

From 26 September all gas-fired appliances must have NOx emissions under 56 mg/kWh. With the Ecodesign policy, the EU intents to make products more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly.  More about Ecodesign.

We take our environment seriously.

For that reason we prefer condensing water heaters. The emission of those products is far below the maximum NOx levels stated in the new ErP directive. Condensing technologies optimize the energy efficiency of your hot water system.

In the longer term, the market will convert to condensing-only systems to further maximize the energy efficiency and minimize the harmful emissions. At this moment however, a condensing water heater might not be the best choice for a replacement project or in an emergency purchase.

For those particular occasions, we have supplied some of our existing atmospheric products with a new burner system. Cleaner combustion based on a primary air supply results in lower NOx emissions.

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All our atmospheric products are still available from stock. From 1 September we will inform you about the product specifications of our new low NOx models via our website. The low NOx models can be ordered from 26 September. Contact us for more information.

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