25 September 2018

New Low NOx products online!

Atmospheric Nitrol productrange now visible on our website!

The last step towards the new ErP legislation will be made on 26 September. On that date, the new ErP legislation will come into force. Our condensing products comply with this legislation for years already. Some appliances have emissions that are even more than 50% lower than the new EU-regulation. Therefore, our main advice is always to choose for a condensing appliance.

However, in case there are building-related constraints, a limited purchase budget or when time is of the essence, it might be preferable to apply an atmospheric product for a like for like replacement. Our new Nitrol range has been adjusted to comply with the maximum NOx emission of 56mg/ kWh. These new atmospheric Low NOx products might be the alternative solution.

View the new products by clicking on the product name:


What does the new ErP legislation mean for your hot water system?

NB: Until further notice, our current atmospheric products (BT) will be available from stock at a very attractive price.