New: Twister II stainless steel condensing water heater

The lightest and most compact direct-fired stainless steel boiler with demonstrably higher efficiency than similar products. On top of that, the Twister II easily fits in smaller spaces.

The Twister is a fully room-sealed condensing stainless steel high-efficiency boiler (103%) fitted with a Premix Low-NOx burner that reduces its impact on the environment. With a maximum ErP efficiency of 93% and an XXL load profile, this energy efficiency class A boiler effortlessly meets the strictest EU emissions and efficiency standards.

The stainless-steel tank does not require anodes to prevent corrosion, meaning this boiler is the perfect appliance for heating soft water. Stainless steel boilers have a much longer lifespan in these circumstances, and their annual costs are significantly lower.

On top of that, the absence of anodes makes servicing the boiler a much simpler task. The appliance can be fully serviced from the front, and its LCD touch screen controls are intuitive. Installation is plug-and-play: once you’ve connected a water, gas, and electricity supply and a flue, you simply need to set the temperature to get the system up and running.

Want to know more about this new water heater? Visit the product page for all the technical details: Twister II

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