27 June 2016

SGE Solar system | Sheltered accomodation

Solar system

This sheltered accommodation site in East London has 79 warden controlled flats. A.O. Smith has supplied an integrated solar system, consisting of 2 SGE water heaters and 8 solar collectors.

The SGE is a high efficiency gas-solar water heater. In the SGE, the solar heat exchanger is directly integrated into the condensing water heating appliance. This makes the SGE eminently suitable for medium sized commercial applications in which space is restricted.

A.O. Smith solar collectors can be installed in various ways: built on roof, built in roof and frame construction for flat roofs. The number of collectors and size of appliance can be calculated depending on the demand for hot water. A.O. Smith has the perfect solution for every situation! In this project the collectors are built on the roof and are equipped with a drain back system. This drain-back system boosts the lifetime of the system by preventing stagnation temperatures in the installation. Sustainability, usability and hot water comfort are the main reasons to choose for the A.O. Smith solar system solutions.




SGE solar system information