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The Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) provides services to many thousands of people. The borough stretches from the borders of the Peak District National Park to Manchester.

The existing Ponsonby Building next to the Stockport Town Hall was refurbished so 450 staff are now housing in a stylish working environment with a welcoming reception, new counters, conference rooms and refreshment areas on each floor. Smith Group from Kirkham has installed 12 solar collectors feeding an ITS 1000 from A.O. Smith to meet the hot water needs for the Council offices.

In solar configuration, an ITS indirect tank provides solar thermal energy when combined with a boiler. The ITS is fitted with 2 coils. In solar configuration the upper coil is connected to the primary circuit (boiler) whilst the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit. The top coil after- heats the water if the solar contribution is insufficient. The lower coil transfers the solar contribution which is collected by the solar collectors.

The solar collectors are installed on the outside wall of the Ponsonby Building. This wall hung construction sets are named SPWL. These sets are mounted with use of a frame. Selecting a collector set depends on the opportunities on the roof or walls and the necessary hot water capacity.

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