Solar systems | Several High schools – A.O. Smith

The A.O. Smith solar systems are very suitable for use in high schools. Besides the intelligent solar installation these systems are often equipped with a patented drain back system. This system prevents stagnation temperatures from occurring. During weekend days and holidays the use of hot water is limited. Therefore the heat of the collectors can not be transferred to the water stock in the water heater(s). This is when stagnation temperatures can occur.

By adding a drainback system to the collectors, the fluids of the collector can be drained in to the drainback-tank when necessary. The heat transfer stops. As soon as there is hot water demand, the collector will be filled with fluids again, to transfer the heat to the available water stock. Legislation guides schools in choosing for solar thermal applications. A.O. Smith can offer the right size system with the drainback system to prevent stagnation temperatures and prolong the lifetime of the installation.

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Please see some impressions of A.O. Smith solar systems below:

Solar 9 Solar 8 Solar 7 Solar 6 Solar 5 Solar 4 Solar 3 Solar 2 Solar 1