Try the A.O. Smith sizing program

The Sizing program has a series of detailed questions regarding your project location. Based on your input data, the program provides you with an installation advice. When all steps are followed, an advice for a hot water installation will be provided.

For solar applications all relevant parts are included in the recommended installation. The program immediately displays the hot water requirements, specifying water needs in liters and the required energy in Gigajoule/year and kWh/year. In case of a solar application 2 options will follow, specifying the possible solar contribution and the expected annual savings from this installation.

The A.O. Smith Sizing program continuously being improved. Internal and external factors can influence the manner of calculation the software uses. Your opinion can help us improve the program as well! Should you have any remarks or questions regarding the software, please send us an email via the Feedback link on the upper left corner of the webpage. We appreciate your input!

You can enter the A.O. Smith Sizing program by clicking here. This link can also be found on the homepage and via the chapter regarding Sizing.


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