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When building, expanding or renovating a dairy farm, providing warm water usually comes at the end of the list. In order to clean the refrigerated tank and the milking machine it is essential to have access to sufficient warm water.

The Twister is a HE stainless steal water heater which is highly suitable for agricultural applications. The Twister can be programmed to heat the water up to 85°C. Another important advantage of the Twister condensing water heater is the fast ratio in which it can have hot water available. This means the refrigerated tank and milking installation can be cleaned any time.

Many dairy farmers have an electrical water heater, while a gas-fired water heater is often much more attractive. If you use 300 liters hot water per day, an electrical water heater costs around € 1.525,- per year. A gas-fired water heater in the same situation costs € 575,- per year.

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