Systeme solaire SGE | Lycee

The Jean Monnet high school in Montpellier, a teaching high school in its Senior Technician Sections, also welcomes more than 200 students. This high school offers a wide range of courses: literature, economics, IT, tourism, arts and sports.

For these courses, the school provides students with an amphitheater for conferences and courses, rooms equipped with computer equipment, a boarding school with 70 beds, cultural and sports facilities and catering.

The gymnasium, the canteen and also the boarding school of the high school rely for their need for hot water on the solar system of AO Smith. Installer Cegelec Sud Est installed 2x SGE + 4 rows of 4 horizontal solar collectors installed on flat ground with concrete blocks to meet this need. This solar system has been equipped with a drainback system to prevent overheating due to stagnation.

The SGE is a high efficiency tertiary condensing DHW generator with integrated solar exchanger. The solar contribution is optimized to the maximum thanks to the integrated intelligent solar control box, which guarantees heat comfort.

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