DRE Plus

The DRE Plus series consists of electric water heaters that are particularly suitable for industrial applications due to their power and capacity. The ‘Plus’ in this range is the display that provides various control and reading options.


  • Capacity: 173 – 264 litres
  • Powerful electric water heater that produces large amounts of hot water in a short time
  • DWH capacity from 339 to 1132 litres/hour at 50°C depending on the chosen appliance
  • Because the unit has an external on/off function, you can control when to use external power supply. For example when you have supply from your PV panels
  • 3 to 9 incoloy heating elements with a maximum output of 50.4 kW
  • Cascade control of the heating elements allows a more even and responsive heating of the water
  • All elements and thermostats are fuse-protected
  • PermaGlas Ultra Coat second-generation glass coating technology helps to prevent corrosion


  • The appliance can be adjusted according to DHW needs via the display, so that the appliance can function as energy-efficiently as possible
  • Thanks to the enameled elements, the exchangeable magnesium anode is less stressed
  • Targeted maintenance possible thanks to the display of the exact fault diagnosis on the elements

DRE Plus

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Below you will find Instruction Manuals with information about the installation, commissioning and maintenance of your installation.

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Below you can download our spec sheets. These sheets contain all possible information regarding technical specifications such as the load profile, input, draw-off capacity,  dimensions and installation options.

Ecodesign Specifications

DRE Plus Capacity Profile Energy efficiency class Energy efficiency
52-9 XL C 38.0%
52-18 XL C 38.5%
52-36 XL C 38.7%
DRE Plus Capacity Profile Energy efficiency class Energy efficiency
80-9 XL C 38.0%
80-18 XL C 38.5%
80-36 XL C 39.1%
80-54 XL C 38.1%



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We recommend carrying out annual maintenance. More information about this can be found in the manual. We can assist with this maintenance, please contact our technical department.

How do I know which product is most suitable for my project?

You can consult SmartSize. With this you can dimension a hot water system. You can always contact our Sales Engineers, they are happy to help you with this.

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In the Discontinued products you will find the information that is available about products that are no longer in production

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You can consult the parts list on the product page or download our full Maintenance & Accessories guide. Service parts are shaded yellow.

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