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Maintenance FAQ
How to reset “service required” for a BFC hot water heater?

We, TSG always advise; first do service and after service a full reset for the warning “service required”.

To finalise the maintenance, perform the following steps:
1. Fill the water heater
2. Start the water heater
3. Check the CO2 value
4. Check the switching pressure of the pressure switch

Remove the SERVICE REQUIRED message. The message appears on the display
can be reset in two ways:

Temporary reset: Pressing RESET once clears the message
The message reappears on the display after 7 days.

Full reset: By RESET and ENTER simultaneously for 5 seconds
stopped, the fusion is completely reset.

When the full reset of the message is completed, the message “reset service interval successful” will appear on the screen. When temporarily resetting the message, this message will NOT appear on the screen.

What are the steps to follow for Legionella prevention?

Some of our appliances have a legionella prevention program integrated in the control. For other devices, we recommend using government guidelines to prevent legionella.

Read here to know what should you pay attention to?

How do I descale ?

Please follow the instructions here for descaling.

Which spare and maintenance parts are available for this product?

You can consult the parts list on the product page or download our full Maintenance & Accessories guide. Service parts are shaded yellow.

Check out the video on how to find the part serial number here.


Standard FAQ
ROI for HE water heater?

Recover your investment quickly with a high-efficiency water heater. Know how here

Incentives for sustainability

The UK government provides different kinds of incentives for sustainability. Those rewards are given to both home owners and businesses.

Click here for more informations.

Where can I find information about products that are no longer in production?

In the Discontinued products you will find the information that is available about products that are no longer in production

How do I know which product is most suitable for my project?

You can always contact our Sales Engineers, they are happy to help you with this.

What is the delivery time for this product?

For the delivery time of this product, it is best to contact our distributor, they can help you with this

Technical FAQ
Want to know what your device’s manufacturing date is?

 You can know production date of the device here or watch the video below.

Where do I check the warranty card?

Find the warranty information by the type of your installation on this page.

Where do I register my product?

Please register your product here.

How do I find the replacement part for the product?

Follow the video for finding product part number. Click here

How much maintenance does this product require?

We recommend carrying out annual maintenance. More information about this can be found in the manual. We can assist with this maintenance, please contact our technical department.

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