DRE is a three phase electric water heater primarily used in commercial applications. This appliance is fitted with 3 to 9 Incoloy-sheated elements with a maximum rating of 54 kW. DRE has a cascade control of the electric elements to ensure steady and responsive heating.

Features DRE

  • Capacity: 173 – 264 litres
  • 3 to 9 Incoloy-sheathed elements with a maximum rating of 54 kW
  • All elements and thermostats are fuse-protected
  • PermaGlas Ultra Coat second-generation glass coating technology helps to prevent corrosion
  • Replaceable magnesium anode
  • Safety float switch
  • Three to nine Incoloy-sheathed elements with a maximum rating of 54 kW
  • Optional ancillaries: Unvented kits
  • Destratification pump kit
  • Powered anodes
  • Alternate kW loadings


EES is a vertical electric water heater for residential or small commercial applications. This water heater is available with a capacity from 115 up to 450 litres. The appliance is fitted with 2 replaceable Incoloy-sheated elements. Each element is provided with an independant control thermostat.

Features EES

  • Capacity: 115 – 450 litres
  • Secondary protection is provided by a high-limit thermostat with manual re-set button
  • Safety float switch
  • Automatic switch regulates the elements to transfer a maximum of 3 kW
  • Replaceable magnesium anode