Innovation has a name

For more than 140 years, A.O. Smith has been a leading global manufacturer and supplier of water heating equipment. Our products have of a number of exceptional features.
Key words regarding to A.O. Smith:
* Innovation
* Energy efficiency
* Partner & advisor
* Unburden customer
* Best solution | every application


By applying an enamel layer only once the water heaters are fully assembled, an even and constant protective layer is created, the PermaGlas Ultra Coat, which ensures the unique durability and corrosion resistance of our appliances. This specialized coating process is an A.O. Smith trademark.


For twenty years now, the use of condensing high-efficiency technology has been standard in A.O. Smith’s production process. This is why our appliances deliver a high level of hot water comfort in an energy-efficient manner. Simple but intelligent control systems make sure that our appliances do their job efficiently and effectively. The result is unparalleled ease of use and comfort.


By carrying out the research and functions entirely in-house, A.O. Smith can tailor its offering to both the domestic and professional water heating market within Europe. By applying know-how, experience and passion, A.O. Smith does everything possible to fulfill your needs as a customer. This vision is expressed in our corporate slogan: The Energy To Meet Your Needs!