Water heaters from A.O. Smith: A lot of hot water in a short amount of time
We think it is very normal that we can tap hot water everywhere and, in our part of the world, that is in fact the case. It’s actually only noticeable when there’s no hot water. A water heater is therefore crucial for hygiene and our comfort.

We supply water heaters for industrial and commercial applications. “Anything with three shower heads and more,” we always say. Or simply ‘a lot of hot water in a short amount of time’.

Energetically and financially the best water heater for every situation

We supply hybrid water heating systems for the industrial and commercial market that use various technologies such as electric, gas-fired, heat pump technology and solar energy. Our wide range in combination with our professional technical advice makes us the water heater manufacturer that can offer a sustainable water heating solution  for every situation at the best price-quality ratio.

A.O. Smith has knowledge of all techniques and is happy to advise on putting together a good hot water installation.
Every situation is different. The amount of hot water, the desired temperature and peak loads must be included in the advice for the best hot water system. Usually, a combination of techniques can be used to create an installation that is sustainable, reliable and financially responsible. For example, a heat pump in combination with a gas-fired or electric water heater to absorb peak loads.