Gas consumption is a hot topic currently. As a producer of gas-fired water heaters, among other things, we believe it is very important to treat our primary energy sources with care. By developing innovative and energy-saving products for hot water applications, we are looking for the most sustainable solutions without compromising on comfort and safety.

Ultimately, as consumers, we want to have access to hot water at all times and we don’t want to have to worry about bacterial formation such as, for example, legionella. That means that our hot water system must be able to reach minimum temperatures of 60°C and preferably even higher.

To offer a sustainable hot water solution, we first of all limit the energy requirement as much as possible by applying insulating measures. In addition, we make maximum use of renewable energy sources such as the sun and, in order to meet the remaining energy needs, we use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible. That is why we have been investing in condensing techniques. These techniques enable us to reach temperatures up to 85°C as well as efficiencies up to 96%.

We combine our solar boilers with an electric water heater or a gas-fired condensing water heater. This makes your hot water supply truly sustainable. The water is preheated by solar heat that has been delivered to the water via the heat exchanger. If this temperature is not sufficient, the electric or condensing water heater switches on as an after heater.

This boiler can also provide space heating through the Theta Dual Service. In this way, heat is generated by the sun and after-heated with the highest possible efficiency. Space heating also benefits from the solar energy.

To optimally monitor and control the total system, this system can be connected to the building management system using the BMS module.

Below is a schematic representation:

This scheme uses solar collectors, an IT (indirect water heater with storage tank), an SGS solar water heater and Theta Dual Service.