3. Domestic and Businesses

1. Green Deal

The Green Deal helps home owners make energy-saving improvements, and offers advice on finding the best way to finance those changes.

The improvements that offer the highest levels of energy saving can be different for every home. Normally they involve changing to condensing water heaters and opting for renewable energy generation, like solar collectors.

There are a number of ways to check if your property can benefit from energy-saving improvements. A Green Deal provider will help you decide if a Green Deal can benefit you, and can help you receive assistance in the form of a Green Deal Cashback or a Green Deal Improvement fund.

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2. Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund offers support and assistance for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland. The fund finances support in the form of energy assessments, training workshops, and advice for the procurement of equipment. It also offers a capital contribution of up to £10.000 to help companies purchase energy-saving equipment.

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund can finance up to 30% of your project costs (with a maximum contribution of £10.000). Support is available on a first come, first serve basis, and is available for a limited time period.

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