• Large capacity

    A.O. Smith mainly delivers medium to large sized systems and appliances. Naturally, our ambition in the heating industry concentrates around this area as well. When offering hot water solutions we are often requested to add a heating solution. With introducing heating solutions such as dual service and a range of boilers which can be used in a cascade configuration, we will be able to answer to this request.

  • Dual service

    Dual service can be applied in situations where the primary need is sanitary hot water and the secondary need is heating. This system can be added to a BFC high efficiency condensing water heater. When combined with a SGE or SGS, solar thermal energy can be added, which reduces the use of fossil fuels.Dual service provides you with a solution for hot water and heating with only 1 gas connection and 1 flue gas discharge configuration.

  • Boilers

    New in de product range are the Epsilon and Upsilonboilers. These are 2 range of high efficiency condensing boilers varying from 38 to 140kW. These boilers are standard fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger which boosts the life of the appliance. The efficiencies for these appliances vary from 109.1% to 110.3% (50/30°C low load, Hi). And the Nox class for both series is 5.

  • Cascade systems

    The Upsilon boiler can be used in a cascade configuration. A.O. Smith standard delivers solutions up to 8 boilers in one configuration. A cascade system can deliver up to 1 MW. The installation options are: wall hung, back-to-back or freestanding. The intelligent cascade controller ensures equal load on all boilers in the configuration.

Assistance and advice

Each building requires the most suitable heating solution. Our Sales Engineers can assist you in selecting the best solution for your requirements. Contact your local Sales Engineer for a tailor made offer.