1. Domestic

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive helps to reduce the renewable heating costs of a single property. Offered by Ofgem E-serve, the incentive is open to all homes in England, Scotland and Wales that have a domestic Energy Performance Certificate. New buildings are ineligible, unless the owner is building the property to be used as their own home.

The RHI can be claimed when using solar water heating. The incentive amount is calculated based on estimated heat generation, and paid quarterly over a seven-year period.

The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is for commercial, public and industrial buildings. Payments are made quarterly over a 20-year period.

A.O. Smith device eligible for RHI:
Flat plate collector, AOSP -240
Certification number to apply for the RHI: 011-7S242 F

More information can be found at the following website: