Service bulletin  –  June 2017


Product Innovo condensing gas water heater
Model numbers: IR 12-160 / IR 20-160 / IR 12-200 / IR 20-200 / IR 24-245 / IR 32-245 / IR 24-285 / IR 32-285 / IR 32-380
Manufacturing date: September 2016 – March 2017

From serial number 1635.. until serial number 1710..

From our experience with the mentioned devices we find that there is a chance of contamination through the air supply of the device. This contamination may affect the gas-air mixture in the gas block; This can affect performance and efficiency of the device.

A.O. Smith has developed an air inlet grid to prevent contamination in the gas block. This improvement has been implemented structurally in all devices manufactured from March 6, 2017.

If you own a device that was manufactured between September 2016 and March 6 2017, you can receive this air inlet grid free of charge. Please fill out the application form on this page if you wish to receive this item.

How do I know when my device is manufactured?
Based on your device’s serial number, the manufacturing date is easy to determine:
– The first two digits of the serial number are related to the manufacture year of the device
– The next two digits are related to the manufacture week

The serial number can be found on the identification sticker on the device.

At which location is the air inlet grid to be placed?
The following illustration shows the location of the air inlet grid. The component is easy to assemble.