SGE | Car wash

This Dutch car wash has several wash boxes in which people can wash their car themselves and one 33m long automatic car wash. The hot water demand of this car wash is a total estimate of 2160 liter/ 50°C per day in which 8 peaks are calculated. Based on this hot water demand A.O. Smith selected the following system: SGE 60 and 6 horizontal solar collectors with frame construction.

The solar collectors are equipped with a drain back module which prevents the system from stagnation temperatures. The entire system is filled with Glycol, a corrosion inhibiting and anti-frost agent resistant to – 21°C.

The SGE from A.O. Smith is equipped with an automatic gas/air premix burning system including burner modulation. Therefore the NOx emission and noise level have a significant reduction. Combined with the optimum use of solar heat this results in an installation that complies with the highest standards such as the ECO Design directive. Together with the small footprint of the SGE, use of solar energy becomes an option for everyone. Thanks to this solar application the car wash has gained a label ‘Sustainable car washing’.

Product information SGE

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