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People spend many hours in locations like office buildings. They should be able to rely on hot water. Besides maximum efficiency of the appliance it is equally important to have a sustainable and ecologically sound installation.

The A.O. Smith total-solution; a SGS solar water heater with IT storage vessel is a perfect example of a sustainable solution. The intelligent solar control of the HE system ensures maximum efficiency. Even with little solar input the required hot water temperature is guaranteed by the gas burner which operates as a back up system.

A.O. Smith solar collectors can be installed in varies ways: built on roof, built in roof and frame construction for flat roofs. Depending on the need for hot water the number of collectors and size of the storage vessel can be calculated. For every situation A.O. Smith has the perfect solution!

In this project a SGS 100 is installed in combination with an IT 2000 storage tank. 20 solar collectors are installed on the roof using the frame construction for flat roofs. Sustainability, usability and hot water comfort have been the main reasons to choose for the A.O. Smith SGS solar system in this office building.

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