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Atmospheric water heater, primarily intended for small/medium commercial applications. BTI is fitted with control, high limit and energy cut-off thermostats to ensure safe operation. This appliance is standard delivered with a conversion kit for propane.

Features BTI

  • Control, high limit and energy cut-off thermostats to ensure safe operation
  • Safety sensor to prevent flue spillage
  • Stainless-steel burner for natural or LP gas
  • Waterway access cover for comprehensive waterside tank maintenance
  • Replaceable magnesium anode
  • Delivered with conversion kit for propane
  • Fully automatic spark ignition to minimise standing losses
  • General fault indicator light
  • Optional ancillaries: Unvented kits
  • Destratification pump kit
  • Powered anode
  • Time clock kit
  • Flue fan kit
  • Time clock kit/7 day timer to minimise standing losses

Ecodesign specifications

65 85 100
Load profile: XXL XXL XXL
Energy efficiency class: B B B
Energy efficiency: 62% 61% 60%
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