The efficiency of a water heating appliance is expressed in percentages. The percentage indicates how much energy is transferred to the water in the tank compared to how much is consumed. In the United Kingdom this percentage is usually expressed in gross value. The percentage can never be higher than 100%. In this case: the closer to a 100%, the more efficient the appliance.

Product labelling

Ecodesign is a European guideline for an environmentally friendly design of products. For this process the entire life span of a product must be considered. Combined with the ErP Directive and the Labelling Directive, energy labelling for water heaters is being created. Based on the current developments the introduction of labelling will take place in the short term.

Looking at the current example of calculations used to specify the label, A.O. Smith condensing products obtain high scores. It is safe to say that our products are ready for the future.

Solar systems and condensing appliances

A.O. Smith produces very energy-efficient products; SGE, SGS, TWI and BFC. These 4 products vary in efficiency, ranging from 95% to 98% (gross). Without doubt, A.O. Smith’s solar systems and condensing products can be called very energy efficient.