Extremely green hot water solutions

Extremely green hot water solutions.

Introducing A.O. Smith’s renewables and high-efficiency systems. Our extremely green hot water solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Almost our entire condensing range complies with 2018 ErP-legislation, demanding extremely low NOx emissions and high levels of efficiency. A.O. Smith solar thermal systems also highly efficient. Maximum levels of efficiency are reached in configurations where our condensing technologies are combined with our renewables systems.


Our renewables range is split between indirect and direct systems. An indirect solar thermal system connects to an existing water heating system (boiler or heat pump), whilst the direct solar thermal system comes complete with a high-efficiency solar thermal water heater and an integrated solar heat exchanger.


The A.O. Smith direct solar thermal systems come in two variations.

The system provides maximum solar contribution through a fully integrated and intelligent solar controller. The water heater comes in a range from 28 kW to 120 kW with a storage capacity of between 217 – 480 litres. This system must be connected to an ITE indirect storage tank.

The solar water heater can be set-up with up to 15 solar collectors. Comfortable heating levels are guaranteed when the solar thermal connectors are combined with condensing technologies of 40 – 60 kW.


Offering two internal warm water heaters, this system can be used with almost any configuration. The solar system connects to an existing boiler or water heater.

This system includes an indirect water heater with a capacity of between 389 – 2014 litres. This indirect tank connects to an existing boiler or water heater.

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