How to use our storage tanks

As the range of indirect systems consists of products with various output ranges and capacities, these water heaters are suited to several configurations and systems:

  • District heating

If you would like to connect the warm water heater to the district heating network, the ST storage tank or the IT indirect water heater can help provide safe heating comfort.


  • Renewable energy – Solar water heater systems

IT and ITS can be installed in combination with a solar water heater. Solar systems connected to an existing water heater, central heating boiler or combination boiler can also be connected to the systems.


  • Central heating boiler for space heating and warm water production

By connecting a central heating system to an ST storage tank and plate heat exchanger, the central heating boiler not only provides space heating, but also contributes to the hot water production.


  • Storage for gas-fired or electric water heater

Naturally, one can add a storage tank to a gas-fired or electric water heater, in order to buffer warm water for expected peak usage.



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