Characteristics A.O. Smith solar collectors


Our goal is to optimize the benefits of each solar system for our users. This means we try to create an installation which best meets the hot water requirements and fits the building.


We try to arrange our products into an optimum configuration. Our Sales Engineers can help you achieve this. Also, we can provide you with (building) drawings or help you with special applications.


We can provide drawings for the positioning of the collectors on the roof, or provide you with a principle scheme of the application of the installation. We can even help you create the best possible frame construction for the collectors on the roof.


Depending on the location and surroundings of the location, a special transport may be required. For example, you may need a crane for correctly positioning the installation in or on the property. A.O. Smith can arrange the necessary transport for you. A.O. Smith is your partner in creating the optimum solar installation for every application.