Characteristics A.O. Smith solar systems

Maximum efficiency

The control technology in this A.O. Smith system solution enables it to modulate the solar pump back to as little as 15% of the nominal speed, so that even with very minor solar input, the solar contribution is always maximized.

Long lifetime

Thanks to the use of a patented drain back system mounted directly below the solar collector, stagnation temperatures of the heat exchange medium are prevented. This results in a maximum lifetime for the entire installation. In addition, the solar circulator is protected from excessive temperatures.

Gas/solar water heaters

Amongst our renewables, the real show pieces are the SGE and SGS, both high efficiency gas/solar water heaters. In the SGE, the solar heat exchanger is directly integrated into the condensing water heating appliance. This makes the SGE eminently suitable for medium sized commercial applications in which space is restricted. In contrast, the large storage capacity possibilities of the SGS make it especially suitable as a custom solution for larger commercial and industrial applications.

A powerful installation

When combined with a storage tank (up to 2800 litres), you have a powerful installation. Moreover, with a fully-automatic intelligent control system, the energy efficiency is maximized. With the SGS, the extra solar contribution can rise to as high as 40% in comparison with standard solar systems. We achieve these extremely high contributions by treating the available solar energy in an intelligent way.

Total solution

A.O. Smith prefers to deploy total system solutions. For optimum system efficiency, A.O. Smith renewables are therefore delivered and installed as an integrated system. By having the delivery and commissioning carried out by A.O. Smith, your installation will be guaranteed to work perfectly and at maximum efficiency, as all parts of the installation will be perfectly matched. Simplicity, convenience and just one party to contact for your entire system:
that’s the strength of A.O. Smith.

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