Wind load on flat roof frame constructed collectors

On a regular basis we receive questions regarding the maximum wind load the A.O. Smith flat roof frame constructed collectors can stand. In order to provide you with an answer we have recently investigated the Gale wind forces the A.O. Smith collector sets can handle.

The A.O. Smith collector sets are equipped with all the parts to stand a maximum of Gale wind force 7, measured at the collector. In case you want to ensure safety for higher wind load, we advice to add concrete blocks at the frames of the collectors.

Detailed information on the Gale wind force and extra weight that can be added can be found in the spec sheet Collectors. On the last page of this spec sheet you can find an advice for both horizontal and vertical placed collectors. Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our Technical Support Group via 0870 267 6484 or

You can find the spec sheet Collectors in the overview in Information or via this link, click here.

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