Impact of GAR Certification for our water heaters

The marketplace for water heaters is changing due to new European legislation. The GAD is replaced by the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) on 21 April.  The new regulation is meant to improve safety standards across the EU and applies to any product, which burns gaseous fuels, and to components used in gas appliances. Any appliance planned for production after 21 April must have a GAR certificate and all gas fittings must be CE marked, including controls and other safety components.

We have been preparing for this change for some time and although we prefer condensing water heaters because of the payback time, we do understand the need for a replacement atmospheric water heater, which is GAR certified. E.g. in case the hot water supply has broken down and needs to be replaced immediately or if converting to a condensing-only system is not practical or cost-effective due to system alterations.

Our range of atmospheric products has stayed the same, this in performances, dimensions and flueing. This means like for like replacement is the easy solution for your urgent replacement projects.

Our products have been upgraded to meet GAR and are available from stock. Please feel free to reach out to us to serve your urgent demand.

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