Customer satisfaction starts in the design phase of your installation: sound, expert advice from A.O. Smith at this point will help you choose the right installation for your needs. The A.O. Smith ‘Sizing’ program offers guidance in this process. For more information about our Sizing program, please click here.


A.O. Smith believes that good service does not end with the delivery of an installation, but remains available throughout the entire operational life of your water heating system. It starts, for example, with the commissioning of your system. A.O. Smith can play a major role by inspecting the entire installation. Read more…


Of course there is also the service that you would expect from a manufacturer of high quality products. This includes troubleshooting and having technical support available on site. Read more…


On request, A.O. Smith can also provide both preventative and regular maintenance for your installation. Keeping vital parts in good working order is not only essential for a consistent supply of hot water; it also ensures the appliance’s efficiency. Read more…


Service bulletins

Service bulletin July 2017 – Incorrect day is shown on display

There is a possibility that the day shown on the display of your unit is not correct. Normally this setting can be changed according the instruction in the manual. When you are not able to change this setting you can follow there is a special instruction available.
This is applicable to:
Product range: BFC, SGE, SGS, ADMR
Production date: 27 February 2017 – 19 June 2017
From serial number 1709.. until serial number 1725..


Service bulletin June 2017 – Product improvement Innovo

There is a free product upgrade available for the Innovo condensing gas heater. Read more on this page and request the item immediately.
This is applicable to:
Product: Innovo condensing gas water heater
Model numbers: IR 12-160 / IR 20-160 / IR 12-200 / IR 20-200 / IR 24-245 / IR 32-245 / IR 24-285 / IR 32-285 / IR 32-380
Production date: September 2016 – March 2017
From serial number 1635.. until serial number 1710..